UAE, 19 March 2019: Jitendra Patwal faced struggles in his preparation for Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 that would make most athletes give up on their dreams.

The Special Olympics Team Bharat (India) athlete comes from a background where finding money for daily necessities often outweighs the need for sporting essentials such as running shoes.

However, despite his family’s struggles, the 19-year-old has been able to achieve his goal of representing his country at the biggest sporting and humanitarian event of the year.

At the World Games, Jitendra not only ran for Bharat, but also won gold in the 200 meter race in his division at Dubai Police Stadium on Sunday.

In an interview with World Games Abu Dhabi Special Correspondents, Brendyn Monsorate, Bilal Hafeez and Christopher Swaminathan, Jitendra said he had been training hard for a month ahead of the event and is feeling on top of the world after winning the gold medal, which he dedicated to his parents.

“Despite his struggles, Jitendra never gave up his hope of participating in the World Games and eventually ended up winning the gold,” said his coach, Harish.

Harish was full of praise for the athletes from all over the world who have shown incredible skill and dedication at the World Games.

“If God has taken away some abilities from these people, he has also blessed people of determination with many unique and special abilities as well as talents.

“Society should try to identify the unique and special abilities of the determined ones and polish them so that they can play an important role in society.

“One should not overlook or back away from people of determination, instead everyone should encourage these people so they can be a very important part of the society and be able to contribute towards the betterment of the country,” said Harish.

Sharan Sunner